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12 inmates escape custody in Hamilton County in less than 2 months

George Bridewell escape
Posted at 4:30 PM, Jul 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-14 17:31:32-04

CINCINNATI — A dozen inmates have escaped from custody in Hamilton County in the past two months.

Several of them were in court Thursday morning, including Shawn Black, Frank Catterton, Carmin Thomas, and Timothy Grier.

Here's a breakdown of the timeline of all the reported escapes:

June 8

No officer was in sight when Melissa Cordell decided to walk right out of the Hamilton County Justice Center. She was caught on camera hiding behind a wall and changing out of her inmate uniform. She's essentially right next to two jail employees but is not noticed. She is later seen on camera walking out of the jail with other inmates who are being released.

June 17

River City Correctional Facility Inmate Jeremaih Beavers didn't return from work. On that same day Russell Baumgartner escaped custody from UC hospital. He was also listed as a River City inmate.

June 19
Timothy Grier walked away from University Hospital. He was in court Thursday morning. His attorney claims there were no officers around and Grier didn't know that he wasn't allowed to leave.

June 20
George Bridgewell walked out of the Hamilton County Justice Center while awaiting arraignment. He can be seen in surveillance video blending in with inmates who were being released.

June 27
River City inmate Camrin Thomas escaped custody while out with an officer getting an ID at the BMV. He was captured Wednesday when a River City Employee spotted him at Reggae night on Fountain Square. He was back in court Thursday.

July 3
James Johnson walked away from custody at University Hospital while he was undergoing treatment.

On the same day Patrick Thomas left the Talbert House after using a chair to break a third floor window. He can be seen on camera using tied-together bed sheets to get down to the street level.

Joseph Mcintosh walked away from a River City Correctional Center work release program. He had just five days left in his sentenced custody.

July 9
Shawn Black and Thomas Cromwell were caught on surveillance video jumping out of a window at the River City Correctional Center.

Cromwell was shot and killed by police Monday at a Mason hotel after a 12 hour SWAT standoff.

Black was arrested Wednesday in North College Hill with Heather Goodman. Court records show that heather helped both Black and Cromwell escape. Black and Goodman appeared in court Thursday morning.

July 12
Frank Catterton tried to break custody by running from his hospital room while officers were getting paperwork.

12 inmates escape custody in 2 months