About Us

In a time when trust in news is low, we believe it is important for news organizations to be clear with their audience about their beliefs and how they make decisions.

One of our goals here at WCPO is to be transparent. We want to be clear, in our storytelling and reporting, about where we get information and how we convey it. We are also eager to clarify why we make the decisions we do – whether that’s answering your questions in emails or phone calls or through on-air or online features explaining our actions.

Part of that transparency means we feel like it is important to explain to you who we are and what motivates us.

Here are some of our core beliefs:

We love Cincinnati. We’ll take this region over any other place, but we’ll also take it to task. We’ll fiercely defend our city against attacks by outsiders. We also acknowledge this place we love is not perfect. Screw up, and we’ll call you out.

We hold the powerful accountable. It doesn’t matter where it takes us. We focus on who is responsible.

We are fierce defenders of the First Amendment and open government.

We will work to make sure you have the ability to keep track of how our legal process works and how your tax dollars are spent.

We talk with you, not at you. We won’t insult you — or your intelligence.

We won’t be obtuse, wonky or inaccessible.

We cover what you’re talking about, what you’re interested in and what’s important to you.

We strive to be compassionate. But above all we are honest and forthright.

We’re serious about the news and about journalism.

We also know when not to take ourselves too seriously.

Unfortunately, we aren’t perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes. When we err, it hurts deep in our very core. In these instances, we promise to work hard to improve our processes to prevent repeating the mistake. We also will promptly and prominently correct our mistakes. We connect the dots. We try to leave our audience feeling smarter with more depth, understanding, perspective and insight into how things really work.

We lead, not follow. We intend to set the agenda. We’re not going to worry about what other news outlets are doing. First, we’ll do our homework and then on issues that are important to the region, we will step up to lead, advocate, point out solutions and call for action.

These are the tenets that we focus on here at WCPO. As always we are looking for your feedback. Tell us how we are doing on these items or anything else.