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CB-UC-WW-PG: Taft basketball team drew inspiration from other local teams in state championship

It started with letters on the board at practice
Taft inspiration letters
Posted at 2:52 AM, Mar 22, 2022

CINCINNATI — Taft High School's boys basketball team used the success of other local teams as inspiration on their own state championship run.

Before the team left Cincinnati for the state tournament in Dayton, head coach Demarco Bradley wrote eight letters on a board inside the team facility.

CB ... UC ...WW ... PG

The letters, respectively, stand for:
- Cincinnati Bengals
- University of Cincinnati (football)
- Winton Woods (football)
- Purcell Girls (basketball)

All of the above teams have won championships in the last year. Bradley also wrote the words "Why not us?" which is the same phrase the Bengals used as a rallying cry on their run to the Super Bowl.

"We took their championships and how far they made it as motivation," said Rayvon Griffith, a junior on Taft's basketball team.

Taft won Ohio's Division III state championship on Sunday with a 48-45 win over Ottawa-Glandorf.

HIGHLIGHTS: Taft wins state basketball championship

The Taft basketball team met up with the Purcell Marian girls basketball team on Monday night at Wing Champ in Cincinnati to celebrate their state championships together.

"You never know who is watching," said Purcell Marian's girls basketball coach, Jamar Mosley.

"Just to know that state champions on the boys side were following us the entire season; and after we won, we were their inspiration – they write us up on the board. It's a really good feeling," said Mosley.

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