When it comes to confidence, jeweler says Burrow, Chase's fashion and chains 'speak for themselves'

Bengals have swagger on and off the field
Joe Burrow arrives at the Super Bowl in style
Joe Burrow with Cartier Buffs, chain
Posted at 9:50 PM, Feb 09, 2022

LOS ANGELES — Joe Burrow has swagger on and off the field. From escaping Chris Jones at Arrowhead Stadium to rocking Cartier Buffs during postgame interviews, the Bengals quarterback is unequivocally cool.

He proved that after the AFC championship game, explaining to reporters that he "(makes) too much money" to have fake diamonds on his chain.

And he showed up to the Super Bowl in a striped suit with a "Heisenberg"-esque cowboy hat.

The man nicknamed "Joe Shiesty" does not shy away from the fact that he and his bling are the real deal. Jeweler Jason Arasheben and his wife Lisa, owners of Jason of Beverly Hills, say athletes use their outfits and jewelry as a way to introduce themselves to the world.

"When you're wearing (a chain like he did), you're saying I have arrived," Arasheben said.

Arasheben has worked with the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors and even Chelsea Football Club to create championship rings. He also creates custom pieces for individual athletes.

"We kind of specialize in over-the-top pieces," Arasheben said. "We service over 300 professional athletes over five major sports."

One of those athletes is Ja'Marr Chase, who did not list Burrow as one of his most stylish teammates.

"(When) he first got into the league, we did his first few pieces — the 'Chosen 1' piece," Arasheben said.

Arasheben said the players' jewelry and fashion choices are a perfect way to show off their brands — and there's no doubt Chase and Burrow's chains symbolize their confidence and success.

"A lot of times, the chains speak for themselves. They communicate their identity, what they want to say about themselves, and Joe Burrow's no different," Arasheben said. "When they asked him if they were real diamonds and he joked, of course, I make too much money for it not to be...that is showing a symbol of success."

That success and confidence seems to be rubbing off on the team and its fanbase — and Arasheben said he's all in on helping the Bengals create their Super Bowl rings, just like he did with Tampa Bay last season.

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