Survey: Bengals have the most charitable fans in NFL, Browns fans some of the least charitable

Bengals fans
Posted at 10:03 PM, Dec 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-15 22:05:42-05

CINCINNATI — No, watching some of the sorry squads that played at Paul Brown Stadium doesn't count as charity, but apparently, it doesn't matter! The Bengals have the most charitable fanbase in the NFL, according to research from

According to their survey of 1,000 football fans, researchers found that Bengals fans donate an average of $361 to charity every year — $80 more than the national average. Colts fans were a close second, giving $357 to charity on average.

One of the teams with the least charitable fanbase happens to be on the other side of Ohio. Yep, Browns fans were the fifth least charitable behind nonexistent Chargers and Rams fans, Commanders fans and Las Vegas Raiders fans. They give $171 per year.

Bengals fans most recently made the news after "winning" the Joe Burrow Foundation's friendly competition between Cincinnati and Baton Rouge. The QB1's foundation raised more than $65,000 for families in Ohio and Louisiana who are struggling with food insecurity. Bengals fans bought more than 2,800 pieces from Burrow's clothing collection with "Where I'm From."

A successful postseason campaign at the beginning of the year brought Burrow's — and teammate Sam Hubbard's — foundation even more money. Local school districts, large companies and more raised funds for the local nonprofits as the Bengals went from the Wild Card to the Super Bowl.

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