Even Sarah Taylor, wife of Bengals head coach, is superstitious about her gameday wardrobe

Sarah Taylor to be tiger-ed out at Super Bowl
Sarah Taylor and friends
Posted at 10:54 PM, Feb 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-07 22:54:12-05

CINCINNATI — Sarah Taylor, the wife of Bengals head coach Zac Taylor, is down-to-earth. She's authentic, open and honest, but perhaps more obvious from afar, Taylor loves clothes.

"Sweaters, t-shirts, vintage sweatshirts," Taylor said.

Taylor has a 'Bengals closet' dedicated to pieces she has worn or will wear at games and events. In it are special items like the jacket and dress she wore when her husband was introduced as Cincinnati's newest coach.

"These are all never worn, to be worn, (or) no bad juju yet," Taylor said.

While she often shares her clothes with friends, the daughter of former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Sherman has specific, superstitious rules.

"Most of my neighbors all come over and borrow something, but they all know that you don't wear something twice," Taylor said. "They all know that if you wore and we lost, nope!"

Taylor loves her sequins and tiger stripes — and she and best friend Jenny Erdmann said they are not afraid to go big as the Bengals reach their first Super Bowl in 33 years.

"Let's just have fun and live it up while we can and wear fun clothes, because there were some dark times," Erdmann said.

The end of the 2020 season was one of Taylor's dark times as the Bengals finished with a 4-11-1 record and some fans called for her husband to be fired.

"It was (the lowest moment) for me because I want to live here so bad," Taylor said. "When we got this job I couldn't believe it, but after two years of working so hard and thinking it could be taken away? I was heartbroken, so to be here where we are now..."

Taylor said her husband might roll his eyes at their fun, but he's always let her be her.

"I just feel like I should go more classy, but you know what, this is me," Taylor said.

She may only be in California for four days, but guarantee Taylor will be tiger-ed out every day.

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