Simpsons Bengals Super Bowl: Did the show predict team's success?

TV show's ability to predict the future is myth
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Posted at 12:27 PM, Feb 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-10 12:22:20-05

CINCINNATI — The Simpsons is a landmark TV series. It's the longest-running animated show and TV comedy in the history of the medium.

But it didn't predict the Cincinnati Bengals would be in Super Bowl 56 nor beat the Los Angeles Rams.

Simpsons fans, Reddit posters and social media lurkers have had fun taking screenshots of the show and photo-shopping them to look as if the comedy predicted a future event.

This was the case when manipulated photos and a meme from Bengals-centric moments from three episodes of the show began collecting shares on the internet.

The post itself has a scene of the early 1990s Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders dancing during a USO performance with Krusty the Clown from a season 12 episode. Another image where Homer Simpson is bearing a Cincinnati Bengals tattoo on his stomach is from a season 16 episode.

The last photo, with the actual prediction and score, is from a season three episode when the plot revolves around sports betting and a Cincinnati vs. Miami game - not Los Angeles. The score and declaration, "Bengals win Super Bowl," has been superimposed over the original shot.

Other predictions credited to The Simpsons include Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election, and the invention of smartwatches.

Whether they predicted the future or not, it's good to see that Homer Simpson will be in the Bengals corner come Sunday.

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