Orange and black culinary art abounds at local Cincy businesses

Bengals bagels
Posted at 6:56 PM, Feb 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-09 20:49:58-05

CINCINNATI — An orange and black fever is infecting the Tri-State and local businesses of all kinds are cashing in on the success of the Bengals and their road to the Super Bowl.

At The Bagelry in Over the Rhine, orange and black bagels are all the rage. Owner Colleen Hert says customers can't seem to get enough of the colorful bread.

“A lot of people will kind of go about their order and then see that basket of black and orange bagels and change their whole approach,” said Hert.

But making the Cincinnati-themed culinary art is no easy task.

“We make the two colors in separate batches and then pancake them on top of each other,” said Hert. “Then cut them in a certain pattern so when we roll them it makes a stripe effect.”

The owners came up with the idea after the Bengals defeated the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Its a been a long time for this city,” said Hert. “It's nice to see even people who don’t get excited about football year to year really get into it. So we are very excited to be in on the fun.”

Over at Carabello Coffee in Newport, you can get your hands on a few new signature drinks that are Bengals themed. The ‘Who Dey Latte’ and the ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ are new menu items to celebrate the Bengals.

“We see an uptick in business, everyone is excited and in a great mood,” said Justin Carabello, owner of Carabello Coffee. “People are coming in with their gear on. I love seeing how this is bringing the city and the people kind of together on something.”

The last time the Bengals were in the Super Bowl the company Gold Medal created its Jungle Mix orange and black popcorn. Now, they've re-released the snack this week in honor of the teams newest appearance.

“Back then we just advertised in the paper and it just took off,” said owner David Evans.

Evans said the staff will continue to pop the iconic popcorn up until Friday. Customers can pick it up at the facilities Evendale location for $11.

“The enthusiasm in the city, everyone is getting behind the Bengals we’re thinking, what can we do to join the fun,” said Evans.