Bootsy Collins remixes famous Bengals song for historic playoff win

Renowned Cincinnatian to release new music video
Bootsy Collins
Posted at 11:51 PM, Jan 18, 2022

CINCINNATI — Renowned funk musician and celebrated Cincinnatian Bootsy Collins is set to release “Fear Da Tiger 2,” a remix of his early 2000s song celebrating the Bengals. Production on a new music video to go with the release started Tuesday night at Fretboard Brewing Company in Blue Ash, which makes and sells the Bootsy Brewski IPA.

The team’s first playoff win in 31 years inspired the artist to do something special for the Bengals and for the loyal fans who have waited decades to see this kind of success.

“OK they won Saturday, right? So we went into gear yesterday. It’s like, we’ve got to get the song done," Bootsy's wife Patti said.

Bengals superfan Jim Foster's famous tailgating bus will be featured in the background of Bootsy's latest project, along with dozens of diehard fans.

“Bootsy’s a Cincinnati legend,” Bengal Jim said. “To be part of this is an honor. This is really cool all the people that came up here to support him, so [we’re] pretty excited about it.”

Bootsy Collins music video shoot

Bootsy was not at Fretboard Tuesday, but his wife said they are shooting the rest of the video with cheerleaders, Bengals mascot Who Dey, team legend Ickey Woods and Bootsy on Wednesday. She said the video should be ready for release Friday morning.

“There’s been so much adversity going on for all of us, but this right here takes your mind off all of that stuff,” Patti said. “It brings us together. Our city is coming together.”

Dancers from the new Bootsy Collins music video

The Bengals will play the Tennessee Titans at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 22 in Nashville. The winner moves on the the AFC Championship game.

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