Bengals fan says numbers show underdog Cincinnati is a sure bet in Super Bowl LVI

'Everything in the universe can be calculated'
Bengals Rams math
Posted at 5:29 PM, Feb 11, 2022

CINCINNATI — One Cincinnati Bengals fan is more than certain his favorite team will win its first Super Bowl this Sunday.

"I told (friends) the Bengals were going to win the Super Bowl," Dennis Whitehead Jr. said.

Whitehead insists a crazy synchronization of numbers guarantees what oddsmakers doubt: the underdog Bengals are a sure bet.

"After that field goal (to win the AFC Championship), I was like wow," said Fred Hargrove, Whitehead's friend. "He called it. Some of it, most of it, went over my head. It's almost like a beautiful mind the way he works and takes these notes and kind of puts these numbers and all this stuff together."

It started by chance in Las Vegas 11 years ago. The Northwest High School graduate landed in the city of lights after dreams of a Hollywood film career faded.

Strangers taught Whitehead how to handicap sports using math equations, theories and ciphers coding letters to numbers.

"I tell everyone that everything is numbers," Whitehead said. "Everything in the universe can be calculated. It's just a matter of tuning to the right frequency."

In the case of the Bengals' first Super Bowl appearance in 33 years, Whitehead only sees threads pointing toward Cincinnati winning.

"As a Bengals fan, you want to be optimistic and say yeah, I believe that," Hargrove said. "But the more he spoke, the more confident I got."

Hargrove bought in before the season.

"From astrological things to biblical, like you know that makes a lot of sense and that was just the stuff I could comprehend, the things that I understood," Hargrove said.

Whitehead showed off past parlay ticket scores to convince others that he is legit. So, take note. If the Bengals win, Whitehead will be anything but surprised.

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