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Some of the most impactful 2020 stories from around the Tri-State

Posted at 6:36 AM, Dec 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-31 17:35:36-05

This past year was hard for many people. However, there was a lot change that came along the way. Here are some of the stories that impacted the community and brought about change in the area.

At 9 months pregnant, she was living in a parking garage. Now, she has a home.

Sebrian Timerding was pregnant and sleeping in a parking garage. After John Matarese introduced the Tri-State to her, people raised more than $600 for her, secured her an apartment, and Job and Family Services started sending benefits to her again.

How Greater Cincinnati leaders are working to protect homeless people from the spread of COVID-19

Lucy May talked to Michelle Ronan and Tony Kuntsman about COVID-19 and keeping the homeless community safe. Both Ronan and Kuntsman were experiencing homelessness, and Kuntsman was diagnosed with cancer. Maslow's Army initially helped them stay at a hotel for a few nights, but a viewer paid to extend their stay at the hotel.

Cincinnati teen rethinking college choice after receiving racist email from former Morehead coach

Makayla Adams, a Winton Woods graduate, was on her way to Morehead State University on a bowling scholarship when she received a racist email from a team coach. Adams' family couldn't get answers when they reached out to the university about the email, but when Kristen Swilley reached out, the university banned the coach from the team.

Findlay Park in OTR to reopen after 2 years following WCPO report

Up until the summer of 2020, Findlay Park was closed. Then, Monique John reported on the lack of available outdoor spaces during the pandemic. Less than two weeks later, Cincinnati City Council reopened the park.

Pregnant moms facing eviction try to find a new home before the baby comes

Monica Barnes was one of many pregnant women facing eviction. Lisa Smith showed her story to the Tri-State, and then the city streamlined access to financial aid for those facing eviction, through the United Way.

Judge Robert Ruehlman says he calls ICE when he suspects defendants could be here illegally

Courtney Francisco caught the attention of the Tri-State with her report on how a Hamilton County judge calls U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. His criteria for calling ICE is "speak Spanish, they're charged with carrying a lot of drugs, and they're not from here." A task force was then created to address immigrant rights in courts.

Which nursing homes have COVID-19 deaths? Ohio Department of Health says it doesn't know

Court filings uncovered by the I-Team found that the Ohio Department of Health has not been tracking COVID-19 deaths at specific nursing homes.

COLUMN: This is not a time to be quiet. Thom Brennaman, help me understand.

After Thom Brennaman was caught on-air using a homophobic slur, Evan Millward wrote a column expressing his emotions on the subject, which started a critical conversation about identity and inclusion.

COLUMN: It’s 2020 and Black reporters are still asking to wear their braids on TV

People should feel comfortable in their own body, but for many Black reporters that's not always the case. When Whitney Miller decided to wear her braids on-air for the first time, she wrote a column calling for the normalization of braids, curls and natural textures in the workplace and on-air.