These 9 stories have nothing to do with politics (we promise)

These 9 stories have nothing to do with politics (we promise)
Posted at 4:00 AM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 04:00:11-04

It’s primary election day in Ohio and Indiana, but let’s be honest: Some of you -- maybe even a lot more than some -- just aren’t interested. (And if you live in Kentucky, we don't blame you.) 

If the elections aren’t your thing, here are nine recent stories you might find more appealing, including sports profiles (meet the Moeller grad turned draft pick); home tours (check out meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark’s house); and weird news. (Zombie raccoons, anyone?)

With that said, happy reading!

1. They want to be Ben-Gals: The Ben-Gals cheerleaders held final auditions for the 2018 season Sunday at The Syndicate in Newport, Kentucky. Take a look inside the competition.

2. A true man of Moeller: Moeller football coach Doug Rosfeld and his wife, Abbie, have traveled a unique path to be where they are today with their six children. This is a story of grief, faith and the love of the Moeller community.

3. Meet one of the Bengals’ new draft picks: Sam Hubbard, a 2014 Moeller graduate, graduated from Ohio State in December 2017 with his degree in finance and elected to bypass his fourth and final season of eligibility to enter the NFL Draft, where the Cincinnati Bengals took him with the No. 77 pick.  

4. At home with Jennifer Ketchmark: The meteorologist for WCPO's "Good Morning Tri-State" lives in Union, Kentucky, with her husband, their two children and Boston terrier Fenway, and if their home has a theme, "family" is it.  

5. Go inside the Robinson Circus House: Looking out the towering, arched window of the Italianate mansion to the Little Miami River valley below, you can almost see Tillie and the other John Robinson Circus elephants putting on a show in the “Elephant Hole.” Like the circus, the train tracks and the outbuildings are gone now. But the grand Terrace Park manor, known as the Robinson Circus House, still stands on the hilltop. And now it's listed for sale.  

6. Here’s how to stop congratulations ads: If you have an Android or iPhone, you've probably seen pop-up ads promising you either a chance at money or a store gift card -- or perhaps even a free iPhone. It seems to be worse if you use Facebook on your phone, as the message often looks like a new Facebook page, with a blue bar. Who's behind these, and what happens if you click? John Matarese breaks it down. 

7. Bee still, my heart: The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and the owner of Morgan's Canoe helped rescue more than 50,000 honeybees thought to have been living in an Avondale garage since the early 1990s. 

8. File this under “oh hell no”: In Youngstown, Ohio, raccoons' tiny, nimble, human-like hands are only the second scariest thing about them. The first? An outbreak of what residents have described as "zombie-like behavior" involving raccoons who bare their teeth, walk on their hind legs and don't seem to be afraid of humans.

9. Guardians of the First Emperor's tomb march to Cincinnati: Let WCPO photojournalist Emily Maxwell take you behind the scenes in China before you go see the Terracotta Army exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum.