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Here's where 'Wise Guys' movie star Debra Messing got her nails done in Cincinnati

Debra Messing
Posted at 9:22 PM, Feb 09, 2023

CINCINNATI — A nail tech based in Over-the-Rhine will see her artistry on the big screen thanks to a chance meeting with a staffer on a movie set.

Nail Joy owner Meagan Whitfield said a new client booked her for a few sessions while she was in town for business. That business trip happened to be on the set of "Wise Guys," the upcoming gangster film starring Robert De Niro that has been filming on location down the street from Whitfield's business.

"She said, 'I'm in town for business and I like to patronize small businesses,'" Whitfield said. "'I noticed that you are toxic-free, cruelty-free and vegan, and I'm all about that.'"

The staffer loved her nails so much, Whitfield said she told her she'd recommend her to the head of hair and makeup for the film. Within days, Whitfield was on set with polish and gel extensions in hand.

"Not only did I get to do the fabulous Kathrine Narducci's nails, but [the head of hair and makeup] called me back like a day or two later after she saw Ms. Kathrine's nails and said, 'Well, I would love for you to do our lead actress Debra Messing's nails,'" Whitfield said. "They absolutely loved their nails."

Messing seemed to like her nails so much, she posted them to Instagram and tagged Nail Joy.

"When your character has long nails and you realize you can't open a banana," Messing captioned the photo, including a link to Nail Joy's Instagram account.

"That was a surreal moment to see that many likes on the post, that many views and that many comments," Whitfield said.

Whitfield said Messing and Narducci already have another appointment scheduled.

"I cannot believe my nails are gonna be on the big screen," said Whitfield. "I'm super humble, but just super grateful and thankful for the opportunity."

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