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Bearcats climb to No. 4 in College Football Playoff rankings

Tulsa Cincinnati Football
Posted at 7:27 PM, Nov 23, 2021

CINCINNATI — The new College Playoff Rankings are in, and the Bearcats have finally made it to No. 4, giving them a stronger shot at playing in the playoff.

The Bearcats are the first Group of 5 team to be ranked fifth or higher in the history of CFP rankings.

The team and fans alike have been eager to see the undefeated University of Cincinnati team gain a shot at the playoff.

"Give us a shot," senior UC student Mitch Wasowski said after the rankings were announced. "They don't think we can compete. Let us go out there. If we get crushed, we get crushed. You don't know how we'd stand...if you don't give us a chance."

The selection committee's top 10 are:

  1. Georgia (9-0)
  2. Ohio State (10-1)
  3. Alabama (10-1)
  4. Cincinnati (11-0)
  5. Michigan (10-1)
  6. Notre Dame (10-1)
  7. Oklahoma State (10-1)
  8. Baylor (9-2)
  9. Mississippi (9-2)
  10. Oklahoma (10-1)

When ESPN's College GameDay crew came to town, the panel said they believe the Bearcats will make the playoffs. David Pollack, drafted in the first round by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2005, said UC should have been ranked higher than Ohio State in the first rankings.

Kirk Herbstreit, an Ohio State grad who attended Centerville High School south of Dayton and grew up a Cincinnati sports fan, previously said he thought UC will be among the final four once the season ends.

"I think in the end it will be Ohio State, Georgia...and UC," Herbstreit said.

The dangerous scenario that could possibly force the Bearcats out, even if UC wins all of its remaining games, is if Ohio State and Alabama also win every remaining game, plus Oklahoma or Oklahoma State win all of their remaining games, too. With stronger strength of schedule, it would force the committee to take a hard look at that Number 4 spot and whether UC was deserving enough.