'We will rub it in': Kansas City Chiefs fans confident in AFC championship win against Bengals

Arrowhead Stadium
Posted at 7:33 PM, Jan 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-29 23:58:39-05

CINCINNATI — Kansas City Chiefs fans aren't too worried as the Chiefs face the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC championship.

“We're not about to let Joe get another one on us,” Chiefs fan Kyland Powell said.

In JoeyCuts 180V, you can get a haircut and analysis on the AFC championship from guys like Powell who’ve been down with the chiefs forever.

”I wasn't sworn into it. I was born into it,” Powell said.

Or you can check in with dudes like Quintin “Q” Randle who has his own podcast covering Chiefs football.

”I'm looking forward to a good, like, defensive matchup, [because] I think they'll be pretty scrappy, especially in the second half,” Randle said.

The barbershop brings all types of people together like blue collar workers, executives, even private chefs for Chiefs players like Jay Smith. He’s not taking Mayor Aftab Pureval’s trash talk to well.

”It's a little bad blood coming behind this one,” Smith said. “Y'all calling it 'Burrowhead.' It's a little disrespectful right now.”

Although there’s a lot on the line Sunday, the Bengals and Chiefs can find common ground. From drought years to young, talented quarterbacks.

“The Midwest has that kind of culture where we come from struggle,” Powell said.

Smith said that Mahomes joining the Chiefs fulfilled something fans had been waiting on for a long time.

Even with the Bengals on a 3-0 run against the Chiefs, Kansas City fans say there’s a fire lit under the team. They think the Chiefs could break the streak, and they’re already dreaming about what they’ll do if they come out on top.

“If we win, just know it will be a long off-season for you all. We will rub it in,” Smith said.

But on the flip side, they want Bengals fans to know if you see a Chiefs fan, this is just a friendly competition on the field but it’s all good in real life.

“We’re not going to treat Cincinnati Bengals fans like they're enemies. Enjoy yourself while you here,” Powell said. “Hopefully we have a good game and ain't no hard feelings after this.”