Bengals fans sharing rituals, superstitions to support Super Bowl journey

Pajama pants, LED lights - nothing too much for fans
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Posted at 9:36 AM, Feb 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-07 11:54:49-05

Cincinnati Bengals fans are fired up ahead of the Super Bowl and for their favorite team. Now many are sharing game day superstitions to add a little luck to the team's chances.

Hundreds of fans are online sharing their favorite rituals - anything to push positive vibes and a little luck toward the Bengals and a win in Super Bowl 56 against the Los Angeles Rams.

“If you're a fan of any team or sport, you get it,” said Anthony Wayne Hott, a Bengals fan in Cincinnati. “You just get it.”

Hott wears lucky Bengals pajama pants on game day. He got the pants about two weeks before the playoffs and has worn them during every game since. The team hasn’t lost.

“We've just been winning and I don't want to mess with that,” Hott said. “I’m really only superstitious about my Bengals.”

Wayne Correll takes things a step further.

“I have to wear the same underwear, the same socks - I wear the same black shorts,” Correll said.

Every detail of Correll’s lucky outfit stays the same on game day.

“I have LED lights behind the TV and I got to have (them) a certain color," Correll said. "I have to play two games of Madden before the game even comes on. And I cannot sit down during the whole game.”

If that’s what it takes to win, Correll’s on board. He’s a die-hard Bengals fan living in North Carolina.

“I wear my Cincinnati stuff and people (are) like, 'you are the only Bengals fan I've ever met,'” he said.

For those on the outside, the superstitions might seem silly. For Bengals fans, it’s all they’ve got to give back to a team that’s given them so much. They're hoping its enough for the team to win a Super Bowl.

“It's just it's a childhood thing," Hott said. "I grew up with it. I mean, we all did. I hope it's something that might help bring the city together.”

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