Is Barry Larkin to thank for Kyle Farmer's monumental breakthrough home run?

Kyle Farmer was 0-for-34 before his 7th inning homer on Monday
kyle farmer
Posted at 1:42 AM, May 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-10 01:50:53-04

CINCINNATI — Kyle Farmer was 0-for-34 at the plate, dating back to April 28.

That's when he stepped up to the plate in the seventh inning of Monday's home game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

"I was just glad we won. We're playing well right now. That's all that matters to me is winning," said Farmer, after the 10-5 win.

He was quick to dismiss the magnitude of what came of his seventh inning plate appearance.

Farmer blasted a three-run homer, to give the Reds a five-run lead over the division-leading Brewers.

It was an emphatic way to break his ice-cold hitting streak.

"It felt like 200 pounds off my back," said Farmer.

It's what happened as he crossed home plate, though, that is now getting attention.

Farmer pointed up toward the Reds' broadcast booth, above home plate.

"That was to somebody ... in the broadcast booth, who helped me out a little bit," said Farmer. "I had a little piece of advice earlier today from somebody – about my swing and stuff like that. It really helped."

Farmer was asked after the game, who he was referring to.

"Um," Farmer hesitated. "One of the great shortstops of all time.

During Monday night's Bally Sports broadcast, Barry Larkin was handling color commentary.

Right after Farmer's gesture, Larkin said, "He's been working on some things."

Just one day earlier, Larkin analyzed Farmer's hitting issues, during the Reds' season finale against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

"What did I do [during a slump]? I tried to force it to right-center field," said Larkin.

Farmer's monumental home run was a blast to right-center.

"I'm very thankful for him rooting for me," said Farmer.