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Weekend gunfire hits close to home for families of victims of violence

Posted at 11:15 PM, May 29, 2022

CINCINNATI — Some in the Tri-State, including a family waiting for answers four years after a loved one was murdered, say enough is enough after reports of gunfire over the holiday weekend.

"People are getting killed everyday. They're killing young men and women. This gun thing has to stop," Vanessa Huffaker said. She knows the pain of losing a loved one to gun violence. Huffaker's brother Marcell was shot and killed in East Price Hill in 2018. There are still no arrests.

“There’s been a lot of sleepless nights,” Huffaker said. “I have no peace. My family has no peace. We need answers and we need them now.”

Huffaker’s family says they were told the shooting was random. The victim was a comedian and well liked around Price Hill. On the anniversary of his death, loved ones remain heartbroken. They’re even more concerned knowing the impact of senseless gun violence spreads well beyond their family.

"People out here selling our children these guns,” Huffaker said. “They’re killing our kids in schools. It's crazy out here.”

There were at least two other shootings in Avondale alone this holiday weekend. Those who live there are calling for change.

"It's sad,” Mitch Morris Junior said. He’s an advocate with the Cincinnati Works Phoenix Program. “ It hurts to see we keep hurting each other.” He and his family went to the streets to raise awareness Sunday evening.

"We have to respond when we hear that kind of stuff. The violence doesn’t discourage us,” Morris said. "It's something we need to put an end to and it takes more than one person. More than one group.”

Those directly impacted by gun violence agree and say things need to change for the sake of the next generation.

"We have young children we're trying to raise, and we can not raise our kids in a world like this," Huffaker said.

Advocates with Cincinnati Works Phoenix program will continue raising awareness. Next month, they're hosting a car and bike show called ride for peace.

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