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Ukrainian doctor uses connections in Cincinnati to rally help for front lines back home

Doctor asking for help in sending medical supplies
Ivanka Nebor
Posted at 1:56 AM, Feb 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-28 11:10:00-05

CINCINNATI — Although she is working thousands of miles from Ukraine, Ivanka Nebor couldn't watch what was happening in her home country and hometown and not help.

The Kyiv-born doctor is living in Cincinnati and working as part of an educational program.

As Russian troops moved into Ukraine last week, she started using her connections in the Tri-State and the connections she had back home to coordinate getting medical supplies to Ukrainian troops on the front lines of the fight.

"We are trying to send all of the support to the Army first because we know that all of our hope is on them," Nebor said. "So we are sending all of the medication supplies to them and to the hospitals that are providing care to them."

That's not all. Nebor said doctors around the world are working to provide care even from afar.

"Right now we are also trying to organize telemedicine consultations for people there to be able to provide any kind of treat for them," she said.

As for how Tri-Staters can help, Nebor said she's got a handle on collecting medical supplies, but pointed to a new secure fundraising campaign from the National Bank of Ukrainefor anyone who wants to send financial help to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"Our lives are not going to be the same and it has changed It has touched all Ukrainian families around the world," Nebor said.