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Cincinnati Police: 4 hospitalized after shooting in Walnut Hills

Shooting Kemper Lane Walnut Hills
Posted at 8:10 PM, Apr 22, 2022

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati police are searching for a suspect after four people were shot in Walnut Hills Friday night.

Police Lt. Brian Bolte said EMS took three men and one woman to UC Medical Center after a shooting on the street at 2500 Kemper Lane. One person was shot in the stomach, another in the hand, a third person in the shoulder and a fourth was grazed in the chest. All are expected to be OK.

Ronnie Hixton said his 34-year-old son was the person shot in the chest. Hixton was in a home nearby when he heard the gunshots.

"I ran to the window and I heard a young man yell, 'Everybody get in because they're shooting out here,'" Hixton said. "So I come outside, see my son run across the street and he fell and he said, 'I've been hit daddy, I've been hit.'"

Hixton said bystanders rushed in to help, holding pressure on his son's chest until paramedics arrived.

The shooting, Hixton said, should serve as a wake-up call.

"(I've) never seen that much crime going on in one spot, and it's got to stop," Hixton said.

Community activist Peterson Mingo said the violence will continue until people are able to reach those involved.

"We need more people, more outreach offering hope to these young men and women," Mingo said. "Only way to sop this is show them it's a better way. Until we do that, we'll have incidents like that all over the city."

District 4 officers are investigating the shooting. Bolte said no suspect is in custody.

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