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Car crashes into several buildings in South Fairmount

'I felt him hit the house'
A vehicle crashed into this home in South Fairmount shortly after midnight Friday morning.
Posted at 5:48 AM, Oct 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-08 16:26:58-04

CINCINNATI — An out-of-control car crashed into several buildings in South Fairmount early Friday morning, including a home where one man was sleeping.

Just after midnight, a neighbor who lives along Harrison Avenue told WCPO 9 that he heard screeching tires just before a car smashed into the corner of his home.

"You know, I don't think he ever braked, but I could be wrong," said David Linville. "And I felt him hit the house. I wasn't sure what he hit, but I knew he hit the house, because my bed shook and kind of everything shook. And I reached out that door right there, and my hand went through everything. So there's nothing there, basically, so I knew we had a problem."

Linville said he's used to crashes along Harrison Avenue, adding that he remembers pulling a man from a burning car crash a few years ago.

This time he was asleep in his bedroom when he got up to call 911, he said, and he saw people trying to get the driver out of the car. The vehicle also had hit a neighboring building.

Linville said an ambulance transported the driver and added that it looked like he was going to be OK.

Many drivers speed on Harrison Avenue, Linville said, which is why he's moving his bedroom to the back of the house.

He told WCPO 9 he thinks it's only a matter of time before a car hits him.

The homes are on a windy, hilly section of Harrison Ave. about a mile from the updated Queen City Avenue intersection near I-75.

Just 350 feet away from the homes hit, you’ll see a memorial forGabby Rodriguez.

The 15-year-old softball standout died in 2018 after two cars hit her while she was walking to Western Hills High School.

Her father, Eduardo Rodriguez, spoke to WCPO 9News after learning of the SUV crashing into homes nearby.

“The good news on that, is it's a house, and hopefully nobody got hurt,” said Rodriguez.

The road was a topic of a Cincinnati City Council committee discussion Monday. Staff recommended the city pay for four specific improvements.

That includes: better street lighting, more road signs, restriping lanes and adding a high friction surface treatment.

It would cost $369,000 and could be complete by June 2022.

“It's never too late to start doing anything. You can start now. Even if it takes two three years from now, it's a hope, hope for the community,” said Rodriguez.

Council did not say when they would put the proposal up for an approval vote.