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New to the Butler County Donut Trail: Meatball donuts

Posted at 11:25 AM, Jun 03, 2022

IKEA West Chester is joining Butler County’s Donut Trail for National Donut Day with a limited edition meatball donut.

Although IKEA doesn’t sell donuts, the specialty pastry is IKEA-inspired with a soft, fluffy cinnamon base, a lingonberry glaze, lingonberry sauce and a meatball or plant-based ball on top.

“Basically everything we sell here is put together in a different way,” said Kitalena Mason, the loyalty manager at Ikea West Chester.

The unveiling of the meatball donut is this year’s celebration of today’s National Donut Day, said Tracy Kocher, vice president of marketing and communications at Travel Butler County..

“Every year we try to do something a little bit different, and this IKEA partnership is the one that we’re featuring this year,” Kocher said.

IKEA West Chester will also be a stop along Butler County’s Donut Trail.

Started in January 2016, the Donut Trail features 13 mom-and-pop donut shops across Butler County. Participants can pick up a passport at any of the stops and cross off each of the locations they visit. Once they complete their passport, they can receive a free Donut Trail T-shirt.

At IKEA West Chester, there will be special edition IKEA passports for the Donut Trail, and participants can receive a stamp for trying the meatball donut.

“Because the West Chester store is in a community that is featured in the Donut Trail, their IKEA store wanted to participate in that and celebrate what makes Butler County unique,” Kocher said.

Kocher said this will be the only addition to the Donut Trail this year and encourages everyone to get a donut from any of the stops on National Donut Day.

Mason, who came up with the initial idea of the meatball donut, said the entire IKEA team is excited to be involved with the Donut Trail.

“It’s been a great partnership capitalizing on a promotion that (Butler County has) grown and it’s super popular, so we wanted to be a part of it and just have fun with this promotion and bring a smile to people’s faces ... and what better way than with a meatball donut?” Mason said.

The meatball donut is only available at IKEA West Chester. The pastry is complimentary to all shoppers who visit while supplies last. The meatball donut will be available today and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the back of the IKEA restaurant.

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