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Gunman opens fire into Hamilton home, family believes son was targeted

4 shots were fired into the home
Hamilton home shot at
Posted at 11:46 PM, Aug 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-14 12:00:19-04

HAMILTON, Ohio — A gunman was captured on camera firing shots into a Hamilton home. The family, who wants to remain anonymous for safety concerns, believes their teenage son was targeted.

The family's tells WCPO about four shots that were fired into their home, and the shooting was captured on a neighbors security camera.

The video shows a car driving the down the street. A few moments later, someone is seen walking towards the home and open fire. One of the bullets struck the front door, the other three were near their 16-year-old son's bedroom.

Hamilton House Shot 4.jpg
A Hamilton home after gunfire struck the front door.

One of the bullets was just inches away from his head as he was sleeping.

Hamilton House Shot 3.jpg
The results of a gunman who opened fire on a Hamilton home.

“If he would’ve just got up to use the bathroom, he would’ve been killed,” the victim’s mother said.

Hamilton House Shot 2.jpg
A window broken at a Hamilton home after a gunman opened fire on the house.

It happened around 3:40 a.m. on Aug. 11 in the 500 block of Haldimand Avenue. They fear the person responsible could come back, and they're pleading for anyone with information to come forward.

“I’m scared, I’m petrified,” she said. “He’s not completely innocent, there’s things going on that I can’t disclose, but that doesn’t justify my son being shot at. He’s only 16.“

Hamilton House Shot 1.jpg
More results of the gunfire from a man who opened fire on a Hamilton home.

The family think another teenager could’ve done this.

“I don’t understand the kids these days,” she said. “They don’t understand the concept of their actions. It’s scary. They have no fear. “

They’re hoping someone with information comes forward to help their family get justice.

“I cried," she said. "I’m scared to death.”

If you have any information please contact the Hamilton Police Department at 513-868-5811.

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