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Has inflation hit the Cincinnati Reds? What to know about ticket prices

Price of a game remains low, especially compared with other teams
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Posted at 12:27 PM, Apr 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 12:41:47-04

CINCINNATI — These days, with prices on so many things soaring, is the cost of going to the ballpark to see the Cincinnati Reds also going up?

It turns out, not as much as you might think.

Cincinnati may love the Bengals, but when it comes to ticket prices, it's the Reds who are really loving Cincinnati back.

Forget about NFL ticket prices in the hundreds of dollars.

We found home opener tickets as low as $30 on StubHub hours before game time, a bargain for an in-demand game.

Some fans are staying away because of all the pre-season trades, which may have reduced ticket demand.

But super fan Donte Smith is staying loyal.

"They are doing great, they beat Atlanta (in the opening game)," he said. "That's great."

Reds avoid sticker shock for now

We've been hearing about inflation for almost a year now.

But the good news is that when it comes to Reds gear and ticket prices, you shouldn't be hit with a case of sticker shock this spring.

At Koch's Sporting Goods downtown, Reds T-shirts are selling for $29, and ballcaps for $24, unchanged from last year according to the store. (The Cincinnati Reds online shop at had hats on sale for $19 for opening day)

Reds tickets meantime start at just $12 for upper deck corner seats, the same price as last year, with many field-level seats for $42 for midweek games.

They are higher on weekends or for the most popular visiting teams, but hey, those prices still sound like the 1990s.

Meantime, TicketIQ says Reds ticket prices remain among the cheapest: At an average of $63 they are far below the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yankees, with only Pittsburgh tickets cheaper in their division.

Tanya Walker -- shopping for a Reds baby jersey -- says ballgame tickets are something she can still buy for her family.

"It's not expensive going to a Reds game, no it's not. That's the beauty of it," she said.

Looking for the best overall deal?

Go for aPick 6 Plan package, with 6 games that you choose through the season, and an irresistible Jonathan India bobblehead.

Bottom line: With plenty of seats left for most games, and tickets starting at just $12, Cincinnati Reds game is something most families can still afford, so you don't waste your money.


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