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Bengals gear selling out fast: What you can get on a budget

Pro Shop says McPherson jerseys are gone, Burrow supplies tight
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Posted at 11:15 AM, Jan 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-25 11:15:51-05

CINCINNATI — Bengals fans are scooping up every piece of team merchandise they can find this week, from player jerseys to sweatshirts, hats and mugs.

So is there much left in stores, and what will it cost you to deck out in orange and black this weekend?

We went to Koch's Sporting goods downtown,which hasn't seen business like this since the Reds won the world series in 1990.

Almost everyone wants jerseys, according to salesman Patrick Eichold.

"That's the hot item," Eichold said. "Everyone is calling about jerseys, especially Joe Burrow."

Tyler Shackelford got the last Burrow jersey in his size.

"I got a black joe Burrow Jersey in Large. I am pretty sure it is the last one," he said.

Hero kicker Evan McPherson's jersey was even harder ot find, with the Bengals Pro Shop tweeting Monday that they were all sold out, and it would not be getting any new ones in this week.

The shop also said it is out of blank jerseys, so fuggedabout making your own.

Availability and costs of apparel

So how much will you have to pay to get decked out this weekend?

An an official Burrow game jersey will set you back over $300, but Eichold says those are too large and heavy for most people to wear.

An NFL replica jersey is $120 at Koch's and almost everywhere else, but they are are also getting tough to find.

If that's still too rich for you, Koch's has official Benglas pullovers and fleece jackets under $100, as well as numerous NFL Bengals T-Shirts for $27,

Or if you are on the John Matarese budget, Bengals ballcaps are $19.99

Scott Weikel was dressing his whole family, so they can cheer the Bengals in style this weekend.

"I am getting a couple of sweatshirts for my wife, and daughter, getting something for my son," he said.

Shop online, but check shipping times

Can't get downtown to Koch's or the Bengals Pro Shop?

The NFL Shop online has plenty of replica jerseys, but you will want to pay extra for overnight shipping (no fun if it arrives in 2 weeks).

Or you can drag out that old Andy Dalton jersey from your closet for free (I am planning to wear my old 2010 Jordan Shipley Bengals jersey. Who?)

Remember, all this swag is cheap compared with ticket prices in Kansas City, where game tickets at Arrowhead Stadium start around $450 and go well above $2,000.

Koch's Sporting Goods, meantime, says even though they are low on jerseys, they hope to get more in as the week goes on.

So check back, so you don't waste your money.


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