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Rhinegeist, Cincinnati Museum Center collaborate on beer inspired by prehistoric fossils

Posted at 9:31 PM, Aug 10, 2023

CINCINNATI — Rhinegeist Brewery and the Cincinnati Museum Center are teaming up on a new beer that nods to the museum center's upcoming exhibit.

Tiktaalik, named after a prehistoric large fish that lived 375 million years ago, is Rhinegeist's newest Cold Double IPA. It'll be featured in CMC's Ancient World Hiding in Plain Sight exhibit, along with other fossil evidence that helps people explore ancient Paleozoic ecosystems.

"Cincinnati’s prehistoric past and its brewing legacy have made it a destination for researchers and revelers. Now, we’re bringing those two together once again," Dr. Brenda Hunda, curator of invertebrate paleontology at CMC, said in a press release. "Our partnership with Rhinegeist allows us to pique the interest of amateur paleontologists and gives us something to toast with as we open a new gallery dedicated to telling Cincinnati’s prehistoric story."

First discovered in Artic Canada, the Tiktaalik's fossils provide insights into the features of animals that went from swimming fish to four-legged vertebrates. CMC said the Tiktaalik rose to the top of the list as the two groups discussed the inspiration for their latest collaboration.

The beer is comprised of Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Talus, described as having bright citrus and tropical notes.

Limited quantities of Tiktaalik will be available at Rhinegeist starting in September, with taproom customers getting a sneak peek at CMC's fossil collection in a mini-exhibit opening in the Rhinegeist taproom at the end of the month. CMC said the beer will also be available at their exclusive events.

This is CMC and Rihegeist's third collaboration since 2018. The two previously partnered on Brittlebrain, named after the skull of Galeamopus in the museum's Dinosaur Hall, and Lagerstatte, inspired by the German name for Cincinnati's fossil-rich sediment layer.

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