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'Do not wait until the storm comes': Tri-State residents prepare for potential winter storm

Duke Energy expects 300 additional power linemen
Snow winter storm prepare rock salt hardware store
Posted at 7:41 PM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-02 00:01:14-05

CINCINNATI — The potential for freezing rain, ice and snow later in the week is already a concern for many in the Tri-State.

Duke Energy expects 300 power linemen from other states to roll into Cincinnati Wednesday evening in hopes of quickly restoring power to any customers during this week's possible winter storm.

"I'm not looking forward to it," said Chris Schneider, a customer at Cliff Hardware in Sharonville.

The winter weather threat moved salt, scrapers, shovels and ice melt almost as fast as the store stocks them.

"We've been slammed this morning," Cliff Hardware owner Eli Wickemeier said. "We're just trying to reload as we go. Do not wait until the storm comes to try to buy supplies."

Doug Woodrick of Fairfield bought two shovels.

"My wife sent me," he said. "I'm getting the brand new snow blower out today. (I'll) get it running, make sure everything's good, get some good gas in it — that way we might not have to use it."

The possibility also led to the inevitable and unavoidable rush to stock up on groceries. Roberta Daniels said she did not want to take any chances.

"I got the weather forecast and they kept saying how bad it was going to be, so I said I better come out and get some groceries because I'm not going to come out when it gets that bad," Daniels said.

In Corryville, Haleigh Gross said her time at the grocery store was hectic as many people tried to pick up some last-minute items.

"I probably almost ran over the same person ten times — just kept bumping into them, and I felt so bad," Gross said. "It's like chaos in there."

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The Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio plans to use Wednesday to beef up deliveries. Staff will bring extra meals to all 27,000 senior citizen clients to ensure each has food in the event that weather prevents delivery Thursday and Friday.

"We worry about power outages and people being safe in their homes," council spokesperson Paula Smith said. "We also worry about falls because falls can cause very serious injuries and often can cause serious injuries and often can lead to death for older adults."

Their staff also plans to check on the most vulnerable. However, they encourage others to do the same.

Once the storm hits, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said he encourages all Ohioans to avoid unnecessary travel.

"My wife's going to the grocery store today, I'll get gas," Woodrick said. "That'll be it."

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