Winter Storm will impact your neighborhood

9 First Warning Day for Thursday and Friday
Winter Storm Watch
Posted at 3:43 AM, Feb 01, 2022

A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for most Tri-State counties starting Wednesday night through Friday morning.

While Wednesday will be simply rain, late at night into Thursday morning is when the freezing rain potential begins from northwest to southeast. Colder air diving in from the northwest will make it to the surface and lead to rain freezing up on surfaces. This will be continue for most into the Thursday morning drive and spreading across the Tri-State through the day. Some travel could be impacted right away on Thursday.

Ice is issue No. 1. It looks like .2"-3" of ice is possible and will lead to big issues for travel, it would put a major strain on the power system. Power outages look likely.

Issue No. 2 is the snow. Behind the ice, snow will accumulate with the highest amounts of snow to the northwest and tapering off to the southeast. This will make travel very difficult if not impossible for some areas Thursday evening into Friday morning.

Thursday afternoon will be the highest impact weather wise to our travel as ice is down on the ground and snow starts to cover it.

Snow will fall Thursday evening and night. While snow tapers off going into the Friday morning drive, I have a feeling very little driving will be happening. Numerous inches of snow could fall north of the Ohio River. Farther southeast, the amounts are lower, but there's still the ice under it.

Rain develops by daybreak
Low: 39

Heavy at times
High: 45

Rain turns to freezing rain
Slick spots begin - ice
Low: 28


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