Does snow mean you should leave work early?

Posted at 2:12 PM, Jan 22, 2016

CINCINNATI — Despite the certain inconveniences that come with Friday’s winter weather, one of the perks is the potential for an excuse to ditch work and start the weekend early.

Friday’s winter weather event might provide just an opportunity for some — especially those who live or work in the southern portions of our coverage area — according to the 9 First Warning Weather Team.

FORECAST: When to expect snow Friday night

If you’re working a standard 9-5 shift Friday in or south of the southern halves of Campbell and Kenton counties, a trip home a bit early might not be a bad idea: The 9 First Warning Weather Team predicts snow will move past the flurry-stage between 1-4 p.m., with snow falling more heavily in Northern Kentucky counties during that time.

Take a look at where the border of the snow storm will track:


By 4 p.m., the southern-most counties of Northern Kentucky — i.e. Bracken, Carroll, Gallatin, Grant, Pendleton and Mason — could already have seen some heavy snow.

Those who live or work in these areas should seriously consider heading home early.

As rush hour gets rolling, the snow is expected only to continue — and to accumulate on the roadways.

The good news, according to 9 First Warning Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark, is that for the most part accumulation during this time will be relatively slow, easing the burden on motorists trying to get home.

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But, again in those southern-most counties, once the snow starts, accumulation could be quicker, as rapid as half-an-inch per hour, Ketchmark said.

As far as the Tri-State’s northern counties, it will be hard to make a case to the boss to ditch early: The expectation for snowfall in these areas was upgraded slightly just before noon, but still remains to be where the lightest snow accumulation will occur.

When considering whether to leave work early, erring on the side of caution is always advisable, and it’s important to remember that Tri-State drivers are notoriously anxious when it comes to driving in the snow.

Officials said Wednesday that people who don't have to be out on the roads Friday, shouldn't be, and a number of snow emergencies have already been issued across the Tri-State: