Weekend temps climb

Next week's conditions turn cold & snowy

The weekend will be quiet around here, as temperatures are turning more mild. However, a snowmaker looks to be right around the corner for next week.

Overnight, we will see mostly fair skies, with temps in the 30s before falling to the mid-20s by daybreak. Then, the temps climb above 41° which is average for this time of year.


Temperatures start a warming trend

While we will see a few clouds through the day, it does look like the weather will be overall nice to start the weekend. Highs will reach into the mid to upper 40s. Then, Sunday brings even more mild weather that will push near 50°

9 First Warning: A rain/snow mix will be possible on Monday. But behind this, colder air will come in, and it supports light snow by Tuesday and Wednesday. We are tracking the system now. While it's too early to put exact numbers on the snow, it appears that light accumulations of snow are possible.



Partly cloudy
Chilly again
Low: 26


Partly cloudy
High: 47


Partly cloudy
Not as cold
Low: 30


Partly cloudy
High: 49



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