Pat LaFleur

Senior Real-Time Editor

Email Pat at:

Twitter and Facebook, too: @pat_laFleur and Pat LaFleur

Or if you prefer phone: 513-314-7786 (mobile)

Position: Senior Real-Time Editor

When did you start working here? February 2015

Where did you go to school? Indiana University (M.A. 2010), Miami University (B.A. 2007), Highlands High School (2003)

What is your job? I work on WCPO's Real-Time Desk, which oversees assigning news crews and producing digital content. In addition to dispatching crews, real-time editors produce and edit newscast stories for and also do original reporting, typically on breaking news or news of the day.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your work? I've worked hard to become a utility player for our newsroom, able to report a wide variety of stories on a broad range of subjects and across multiple digital and broadcast platforms. Before moving (back) to the Real-Time Desk as senior editor, I spent four years as a reporter, focused exclusively on transportation, mobility and development issues.

What are you most proud of in your own life? I’m proud to have seen a Master’s degree through to its finish, and also that I’ve been able to adopt and sustain a low-car lifestyle. I’ve commuted primarily by foot, bike and bus since 2008. I lived totally car-free for four of those years.

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