Rolling and bowling with one of the best in the nation

Posted at 1:27 PM, Aug 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-27 13:27:53-04

GREEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Nolan Blessing, a sophomore at LaSalle High School, is a star athlete, has appeared on national television and has a viral video on YouTube showing his athleticism.

You won't see him score touchdowns, shoot threes or hit home-runs though. Blessing is a bowler.

When Blessing was 8 years old, he was throwing strikes and giving his dad, Mark Blessing, a run for his money.

"They made fun of me in the league," said Mark. "They gave me a trophy at the end of the year for being beat by my kid by 100 pins. It was fun."

Then in the fourth grade, Blessing bowled a 300.

Recently, he finished fifth out of nearly 700 bowlers in his division and made it to the finals for his team events at the 2018 Junior Gold National Bowling Tournament which was broadcast on national television.

But the pressure from the tournament didn't phase him.

"I bowled really well," Blessing said. "All the match play, all the being on tv, that wasn't really stressful, but more just like, I was really nervous on tv."

Sure, the trophies and national recognition are nice, but for the elder Blessing, the real reward is seeing his son have fun at something he is good at.

"Any time I see him turn around and have a smile on his face, I know it's not just that he's doing well, he's enjoying it, he's loving it, " said Mark. "You can only be so blessed to be so lucky as a parent."