Mark? President Trump goofs up Lawrenceburg skier Nick Goepper's name

Posted at 1:27 PM, Apr 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-27 19:36:25-04

WASHINGTON -- We all need a do-over sometimes.

During a celebration for U.S. Olympic athletes at the White House Friday, President, Donald Trump mistakenly called Lawrenceburg skier and silver medalist Nick Goepper "Mark Goepper."

He quickly corrected himself.

"Mark Goepper. Where's Mark? Nick! Come here," Trump said. "Nick! Nick! Where are you, Nick? Earned a silver as a slopestyle skier."

Goepper, 23, laughed off the goof-up.

"It's a real honor to be here in our nation's capital representing Indiana and the Midwest and America," he said.

You can watch the whole ceremony in the video below:

Goepper got his start skiing at Perfect North Slopes. The silver medal he won in Pyeongchang was his second Olympic medal, after a bronze at Sochi in 2014.