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OHSAA approves second-half running clock hoops rule for the regular season this year

Posted at 1:55 PM, Oct 21, 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio High School Athletic Association board of directors approved a proposal from the OHSAA staff Thursday to implement the second-half running clock rule in basketball for regular-season games starting in November.

The OHSAA said the running clock rulehas been used in tournament games for several years and the regular season was added to the basketball regulations Thursday. A second-half running clock starts if the lead reaches 35 points or more.

The OHSAA girls basketball season officially starts with practice Friday. Games can start Nov. 19.

Official practice for the boys basketball season starts Oct. 29 with the first games able to start Nov. 24.

The OHSAA sent a survey to coaches and athletic administrators Aug. 31 asking about the possible adoption of a 35-second shot clock starting in 2022-23 and the possible adoption of a running clock in the regular season.

Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association president David Sheldon told WCPO Monday he met with OHSAA executive director Doug Ute and basketball administrator John Kuzio about a number of topics.

Sheldon said there is no update regarding the shot clock in Ohio and no timeline on if a change could potentially occur in the near future.

The shot clock was not mentioned during the board of directors meeting Thursday, according to OHSAA director of media relations Tim Stried.