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WCPO challenges Blanchester’s top-scoring Sipple to shoot 49 points during interview

One of Ohio’s top scorers ever shows his craft
Brayden Sipple interview challenge
Posted at 11:30 PM, Jan 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 11:42:42-05

BLANCHESTER, Ohio — Blanchester High School senior Brayden Sipple is leaving his mark in Ohio’s record books for high school basketball.

The senior is already ranked top-30 on the all-time scoring list, with more than 2,200 career points.

In January, he broke his own school record for scoring in a single game by dropping 49 points.

Now, he’s right on the cusp of breaking the Clinton County scoring record, held by former Cincinnati Bearcat Jarron Cumberland.

“Winning is the top priority. The records that come along with it are great,” said Sipple.

Sipple was also the quarterback on the football team at Blanchester.

“Going into high school, I was playing both, so I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to pursue,” said Sipple. “After my first year of high school basketball, the love for the game grew and I knew I wanted to pursue basketball.”

“His progression as a freshman to a senior – it’s something every coach could dream for,” said Adam Weber, Blanchester’s head basketball coach.

Having a player like Sipple changes the way a coach approaches the game.

“We talk about sportsmanship and things of that nature; but at the same time, he receives double and triple teams and still scores these numbers,” Weber said.

In one game this season, the opposing team yelled, “Sipple’s got the ball,” every time he touched the ball in the offensive set.

“It was loud. I’ve never heard anything like that,” said Sipple.

The double-teams and general respect from other teams is something he’s grown accustomed to. But Sipple, who has a brother, step-brother, and cousin on the Blanchester team, uses that attention to find his teammates for open shots.

“It makes it harder to score, but my teammates do a good job knocking down shots when they’re open,” said Sipple.

Sports Anchor Caleb Noe challenged Sipple to drop 49 points before he ran out of questions in an interview. See how the Blanchester standout fared in the player above.