'Go win the Super Bow!': Joe Burrow makes Andrew Whitworth's kids' day with signed jerseys

Andrew Whitworth
Posted at 9:28 PM, Jan 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-16 21:29:33-05

CINCINNATI — As desperate as the Bengals might be for a healthy offensive lineman, former Cincinnati tackle Andrew Whitworth reiterated that he is still, unfortunately, unavailable.

"My heart and mind says yes," Whitworth tweeted Monday afternoon. "But these giraffe/skinny jean legs say no (thanks)!!"

That doesn't mean the Super Bowl 56 champion isn't cheering for the Bengals. Video captured during last year's Super Bowl run showed the Whitworth family celebrating Cincinnati's overtime win against the Chiefs in the AFC championship.

"We're rooting for Joe Burrow every day except for the day we play him. He's so rad, he's so good," Whitworth's wife, Melissa, said in an interview with WCPO before the Super Bowl. "(And) we love the fan base. We love the people of Cincinnati."

Now that Whitworth is retired, there are no stipulations to their support of Burrow and company.

"I didn’t think I could care about a football game without @AndrewWhitworth playing as much as I did last night," Melissa Whitworth tweeted Monday afternoon.

But that's not the only way their family is showing their love. Melissa Whitworth shared a video of her sons holding their signed Burrow jerseys.

"Thank you Joe for signing our jerseys and sending them back — go win the Super Bowl," one son said.

"And we're going to be cheering for you this whole time because my dad's not playing," their other son said.

Whitworth said the signed jerseys made his sons' day. Hopefully their support is enough to help the Bengals finally win the Super Bowl.