Bengals fan travels to 100th road game with team

Phil Amrein Bengals Fan.png
Posted at 12:26 PM, Jan 22, 2022

This weekend marked the first time many Bengals fans have traveled on the road with the team. Others have been traveling with the team for the years.

“The Bengals matter to me because this is my hometown and I love football,” said Phil Amrein.

Amrein has had season tickets for 29 years. The Nashville game this weekend is his 100th road game with the team.

“The road games are an opportunity for me to follow my team, but to also see parts of the country that I would never see before,” he said.

He’s spent many of those games with his wife. She’s traveled to more than 50 road games.

“You get to interact with the fans and get their personification of what their team is and how they see our team,” Amrein said. “I’ve gotten many great friends, longtime friends that I tailgate with in every city around the country.

Amrein says some of the nicest fans he’s met have been in Nashville.

He says he’s grateful the Bengals have remained in Cincinnati as long as they have.

“There's only 32 NFL teams in the world,” he said. “And my little hometown of Cincinnati has one. And I think we're very fortunate.“