Andy Dalton enlists Internet in #bagsearch2016

Posted at 8:35 PM, Feb 10, 2016

CINCINNATI — Add another fumble to Andy Dalton's stat box.

The Bengals’ starting quarterback turned to social media Wednesday in an attempt to alert the world — and enlist their help — after two of his suitcases fell from the bed of a truck while driving along U.S. 75 and Interstate 635 in Dallas, Texas.

In an Instagram post, Dalton said whoever finds the baggage will see a “big reward.” He hashtagged the reward part, so you know he's serious.

Using the hashtag #bagsearch2016, Dalton hoped to harness the Instagram and Twitter-verse to spread the word. His initial tweet announcing the derelict luggage was retweeted roughly 1,200 times in the first 12 hours.

Nine hours after that, still no bags, but he didn’t lose faith.

In a not-creepy-at-all move, some fans mused about what treasures his bags might contain:

And while many did their part to help spread the word, others took the opportunity to have a little fun:

And some decided they wouldn’t get distracted by #bagsearch2016, and continued reporting news on Cincinnati’s still-recovering QB, who was injured during the Bengals' Dec. 13 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers:

But finally, just after the 12-hour mark, a man named Robert finally found his bags: