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FC Cincinnati teases new design ahead of Wednesday's kit reveal

Posted at 11:48 AM, Feb 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-14 12:45:12-05

CINCINNATI — FC Cincinnati plans to unveil the team's 2023 kits Wednesday morning at a private event for media, but one day in advance of that the team's social media dropped a tease about the design for all to see.

"Something new to love drops this time tomorrow," FC Cincinnati's account tweeted at around 10 a.m., exactly 24 hours ahead of the scheduled kit reveal.

But what's intriguing about the tease is the gif attached, which shows what appears to be a new logo design reading "Cincinnati" plunging down into water.

The "Cincinnati" shown in the gif links the first "I" and the "T" together to form a bridge beneath the text, implying the new kits could feature an homage to the Ohio River and its many bridges.

Or maybe they've made a deal to exclusively play songs from Nirvana's "Nevermind" album at TQL Stadium this season, who can say? Jeff Berding, probably — he and the official voice of FC Cincinnati, Tom Gelehrtr will be on-site at the team shop Wednesday for the announcement.

After the announcement is made, the team store will extend its hours to accommodate "anticipated high demand for the new jersey," FC Cincinnati said in a press release.

For those fans who foam orange and blue at the mouth, the shop will be open at 12 p.m. Wednesday — two hours after the announcement is scheduled to be made. It will stay open to 7 p.m., so those fans who are stuck at work earning the paychecks needed to afford all the snazzy FC Cincinnati swag will still have a chance to swing by.

On Thursday and Friday the shop will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Hitting up the shop at TQL Stadium or ordering from the MLS Store or FC Cincy's online shop will be the only way fans can get their hands on the new jersey design for the first 48 hours after Wednesday's reveal.

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