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For Xavier's home run king, chasing records runs in the family

Luke Franzoni set Xavier's home run record
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Posted at 5:22 PM, May 26, 2022

CINCINNATI — Xavier outfielder Luke Franzoni is a problem for opposing pitchers. The Big East Player of the Year has smacked 24 homers this season. The program's previous record was 16.

“He’s realizing how good of a player he is, and he’s realizing others are realizing how good of a player he is,” Xavier head coach Billy O'Conner said.

But Franzoni is not the type to gloat about personal accomplishments.

"It’s really humbling to be in that company with those guys, just a surreal experience, it really didn’t sink in until after the game,” Franzoni said. "We are playing for each other, putting the personal stuff aside."

Instead, his biggest cheerleader wears a different uniform.

"My brother has got 21 homers now. Isn't that insane?" NJIT star baseball player Paul Franzoni said in a "mic'd up" social media post.

Paul Franzoni does not have 24 home runs, but he does have 12 and is in a tight race for his school's career home run record.

“We’ve always supported each other," Luke Franzoni said. "We used to go hit at PDS [Princeton Day School, where the brothers attended high school in New Jersey] during high school, we’d flip each other balls and just try and hit home runs the entire time."

Connecting with the ball brings the smash brothers even closer.

"I’ve always been the first person to see it, and I’ve always known what he has been capable of, seeing it come crazy this year has been so cool for me, just watch my little brother … I couldn’t be more proud of him,” Paul Franzoni said.

“We text each other after the game every single time,” Luke Franzoni said. "He says he's proud of me, says he loves me, and I say the same thing to him."

The two provide constant support, even when answering the toughest questions. When asked which Franzoni is the better hitter, Paul never wavered.

"100% my brother," Paul Franzoni said. "I have no problem conceding that."

The numbers might agree with him, but both Franzonis are smashing records and baseballs this postseason.

The Big East tournament starts goes through Sunday at Prasco Park in Mason.