Yasiel Puig makes a scaly friend at the Cincinnati Zoo

Posted at 7:38 PM, Jul 05, 2019

CINCINNATI — Five years ago, Dodger Yasiel Puig posed at the Cincinnati Zoo with a python wrapped around his neck and a grimace on his face — eyes screwed shut, mouth open a la Edvard Munch. He tried to smile, a behind-the-scenes Instagram video shows, but seeing the snake move was too much.

Now a Red, Puig visited the zoo’s slitheriest citizens again Friday and pulled off a much more suave photo.


“(He) did much better this time!!” the zoo wrote on Facebook. “(maybe because he’s a Reds player now?)”

Teammates Luis Castillo and Eugenio Suarez accompanied Puig on his trip, where they also posed with the python — Suarez looked distinctly anxious about it — and helped walk a trio of pot-bellied pigs on leashes.

If Yasiel adopts one, does it become a pot-bellied Puig?