Kyle Farmer's great catch at Reds game triggers terrible flashback

Farmer made the catch of the night for the Reds, but not without a big mental obstacle
Kyle Farmer catch
Posted at 12:20 AM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-08 15:40:36-04

CHICAGO — The catch itself was something to remember, but it's what Kyle Farmer remembered that made it terrifying.

In the eighth inning of Tuesday's win over the Cubs, Farmer (Reds shortstop) ran toward the outfield, with eyes on the high-hit baseball.

It was in this moment that he remembered a terrible moment from his college baseball career.

"Whenever that ball is hit in the air, I have flashbacks," Farmer said.

In 2011, fellow University of Georgia player Johnathan Taylor broke his neck when he collided with a teammate on a similar play.

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Farmer said that making the catch Tuesday night helped him overcome a major mental hurdle.

"You don't know where the outfielders are," Farmer said. "You have to trust your instincts and go for it. It's tough, but I had to overcome it."

The Reds won Tuesday's game 4-3 over the Cubs.