Cedar Restaurant, Green House Bar bring tasty new flavors to Covington

Posted at 6:00 AM, Sep 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-06 10:55:24-04

If you’re looking for a great "Sunday funday" option, look no further than Cedar Restaurant and the Green House Bar, two new additions in Covington.

Cedar, located at 701 Main St., opened in early July. The restaurant offers a breakfast and brunch menu full of dishes featuring simple ingredients, such as salmon flatbread.

“We sprinkle it with some fresh arugula, a house-made feta cream cheese spread, pickled red onions and a local honey from Bee Haven across the river,” said owner Jeremy Faeth.

Faeth said Cedar also uses simple ingredients in its cocktails, including a house-made bloody mary mix that steeps for two to three days at a time.

“We worked on this menu for about as long as we worked on this building, which is about 14 months,” said Faeth.

Despite the pandemic, Faeth said business has been off to a strong start.

“We want you to come in here and unplug for an hour,” said Faeth. “Have a cocktail or two, maybe three. Relax and enjoy yourself.”

After brunch at Cedar, take a quick stroll down Main to 424 W. Sixth St., where you’ll find Green House Bar.

“It’s like a little getaway — forget about the rest of life and just come here to let loose,” said general manager Robert Cate.

Inspired by the West Coast and Venice Beach, Green House Bar is a fun place to relax, said co-owner Tom Fessler.

“You can laugh and be silly and forget about what’s going on with the world,” Fessler added.

Fessler and his wife, Amy, came up with the concept and opened the bar in mid-August despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was stressful," he said. “We went five months without being open, but in a way it helped us to get an idea of what we wanted to do and implement it.”

Fessler and his wife offer fresh cocktails and light bites on the menu.

“The Ground and Sky is the jalapeño tequila. That’s our No. 1 seller right now,” said Cate. “We also really love pushing our Capri-Sun bags, 'The Green House’ -- that’s also really popular. We can’t forget about Amy’s Paloma. It's this beautiful, deep ruby-colored cocktail topped with La Croix. It’s amazing.”

Both locations are open Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Mondays.