In Augusta, river creeps into woman's home

Posted at 5:37 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 19:48:57-05

AUGUSTA, Ky. -- The Ohio River started to creep into Jackie Hopkins' home Wednesday, but she said she's used to this. 

It's the fourth time in two decades the river has risen enough to enter her Augusta home. 

“It don't bother me,” Hopkins said. 

A Flood Warning is in effect for the river at Cincinnati until Friday morning, when the river is expected to fall below flood stage. Flooding has closed several major roadways in Greater Cincinnati. 

The river was a little over 54 feet Wednesday, according to Hopkins’ estimates. She said she knows because water was barely on her floors, just as it was in 2015. 

“I tried the sump pump,” Hopkins said. “It was doing pretty well, trying to keep up. About 5:30, 6 a.m., the river was pouring into my crawl space. It couldn’t keep up. It was about six feet.”

Hopkins said people often ask her why she lives so close to the water. For her, the answer is simple: She loves the river. 

“It’s a calming effect. There’s something to your inner soul,” Hopkins said. “To know you’ve worked all day, come home, walk out your back door and in a couple hundred feet you can go to the river -- see a sunset, see people passing by … it does something for your soul. I think in this day and age, we need that every once in awhile."