These Tri-State roads are still closed due to flooding

Posted at 10:01 AM, Feb 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 13:17:52-05

CINCINNATI -- Dozens of Tri-State roads remain closed due to flooding.

As of Tuesday morning, the following closures are in effect:


  • Fields Ertel Road, from Route 42 to Village Woods Drive 
  • Wooster from Beechmont Circle to Red Bank Road
  • Ross Avenue in Norwood, between Section and Reading (due to a mudslide)
  • Roundbottom Road, from Newtown corporation line to Newtown Farm market
  • Turpin Lane
  • Sutton Road, from Two Mile Road to Kellogg Avenue (the intersection is underwater)
  • Kellogg Avenue, from Five Mile Road in Anderson Township to I-275 exit 72
  • I-275 exit 72 to Kellogg Avenue
  • Eastbound U.S. 52 ramp to Kellogg Road (near Five Mile)
  • Eastbound Kellogg ramp to U.S. 52 East
  • Apple Hill Road between Kellogg and Salem Road
  • Kellogg, from Apple Hill to Delta Avenue
  • Eight Mile Road at Old Kellogg Road
  • Four Mile Road, between the I-275 overpass and Kellogg
  • Salem, from Wayside Road to Kellogg Avenue
  • Southbound Wilmer Avenue at Airport Road
  • Ohio Route 32, at Beechmont Avenue and from the village of Newtown to Clough Pike in Anderson Township
  • Carr Street north of Mehring Way
  • Mehring Way, from the Sixth Street Viaduct to Freeman Avenue
  • Mehring, between Central Avenue and Elm Street
  • Mehring from Central Avenue to Main Street
  • Mehring, between Gest Street and Freeman Avenue
  • Freeman south of Sixth Street is likely to close later Sunday morning
  • Dooley By-Pass near Spring Grove Avenue
  • Southside Avenue at Idaho Street
  • Thornton Avenue in Fernbank Park
  • Martin Drive at Paradrome in Mount Adams (due to a mudslide)
  • Mile Road in Springfield Twp.
  • Lakeridge Drive in Springfield Twp.
  • Lakeview Drive in Springfield Twp.
  • West Park Road in Springfield Twp.
  • Southshore Drive in Springfield Twp.


  • Steamboat Drive in Pierce Twp.
  • Old US 52 at Nine Mile (Arnold’s Marathon) 
  • Old US 52, half-mile east of Nine Mile to SR 749 (residents can still access driveways)
  • Locust Corner at Nine Mile
  • Palestine Street
  • Pond Run at old U.S. 52
  • Fagin's Run near SR 132
  • U.S. 52, between Frank Willis Memorial Rd and SR 133
  • SR 232, from U.S. 52 to SR 756
  • Clermontville Spur Rd.
  • U.S. 52 at Point Pleasant Bridge
  • U.S. 52 at Clermontville Laurel Rd. Bridge
  • Neville Spur Rd.
  • Maple Creek
  • Chilo Lock 34 Park at U.S. 52 
  • Felicity Cedron Road, 0.9 miles north of SR 133
  • Susanna Way in New Richmond
  • Sophia St.
  • Plenty St.
  • Western St.
  • Quarry St.
  • Willow St.
  • Cobra
  • Front St.
  • Market St., West End to Light St.
  • Race St.
  • Elm St.
  • Plum St.
  • Light St.
  • Sycamore to Market St.
  • Walnut to Market
  • Branch Hill Loveland Road near Miami Riverview Park
  • Water Street from Locust to Sycamore Street in Milford 


  • Lebanon Road, from the Cedars of Riversbend Apartments north to Zoar Road (emergency weather-related repairs)
  • Corwin Nixon at Route 48 
  • W Mason Morrow Milgrove Rd. from R48 to Turtlecreek Rd. 
  • McClure Rd and S US Rt 42 in Turtle Creek Twp.
  • Mason Morrow Milgrove from Stubbs Mills to R123
  • Franklin Trenton/Norfolk Southern RR Crossing in Franklin
  • Columbia and Kingsview in Lebanon
  • Hamilton and Mason Montgomery in Turtlecreek Twp.
  • E. Morrow Millgrove, from 1700 to 3900 block
  • W. Lower Springboro Road, at Pioneer in Springboro to 4th Street in Franklin
  • Mason Morrow Millgrove from Route 48  to Turtlecreek Road
  • McClure Road and S. US Route 42
  • Oregonia and Wilmington in Turtlecreek Twp.
  • David Road between Rich and Old 3C in Deerfield Twp.
  • Corwin Road from Oregonia to Wilmington
  • Hamilton and Mason Montgomery in Turtlecreek Twp.
  • Columbia and Kingview in Lebanon
  • Mudslide blocking part of lane on Old Highway 3C at Socialville Fosters Road


  • Covington's Riverside Drive
  • Elm St. at Lagoon, in Ludlow


  • Dodsworth at 1998
  • Oneonta at Truesdale
  • Fender Road prior to Rt. 8
  • Lincoln Road in Melbourne towards the end by camp sites
  • Owl Creek at Uhl Road in Silver Grove
  • Eight Mile by Rt. 8
  • Maple Street at 1st. Street in Silver Grove
  • Oak Street in Silver Grove
  • Emma Way in Silver Grove (trailer park)
  • Anderson Lane in Melbourne


  • Kentucky 355 (Gratz-Worthville Road) near the 16 mile-marker (for mudslide cleanup)


  • Indiana Route 350 near U.S. 50 in Aurora will remain closed due to possible bridge damage.
  • Cross Road at Goose Run Road
  • East Laughery Road at Gregory Road
  • East Laughery Road, between Cole Lane and Huesman Road
  • Park Avenue
  • Cole Lane Road at Hartford Bridge
  • Stewart Street at Lower Dillsboro


  • Wolf Creek Road just off of Blue Creek is closed due to a road wash-out