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Suspects in Clearcreek Twp. kidnapping, torture case want their side told

Posted at 6:43 PM, Dec 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-16 19:56:03-05

WARREN COUNTY — Two men accused of kidnapping and torturing a man inside a Clearcreek Township house contacted WCPO from jail, asking to tell their side of the story that has so far involved allegations that the victim was kept in a dog cage and tortured for days.

Prosecutors said the victim's ex-girlfriend lured him to the house in Warren County, claiming she was being abused; when the victim showed up to save her, prosecutors said, the victim was attacked and held captive for days.

Chris Edwards, 38, and Bryan Parker, 46, are two of the three suspects who have been arrested and charged in this case. The third suspect arrested, Lindsey Parker, 22, is Bryan's daughter.

Edwards and Bryan contacted WCPO and agreed to do a phone interview from jail, to tell their side of the story.

"If you look at my criminal record, I don't have not one violent charge on my record, period," said Edwards. "Because I'm not a violent person."

WCPO is still working to fully confirm Edwards' claim, but could not find any charges for violent crimes filed against him or Bryan in either Butler or Warren counties.

Bryan claims he had nothing to do with the kidnapping, and said his daughter Lindsey was really to blame.

"I still love my daughter, you know. I know she needs some help," said Bryan.

The pair said they were playing pool during the time when most of the offenses the victim claimed happened.

"The door was never locked. He was free to roam the house wherever the hell he wanted to go, like, the dude was never held captive, period," said Edwards.

They said they were having a party, where they admitted to doing meth even while children were inside the home. But they insisted neighbors in the area had nothing to worry about from the group partying inside the home.

"Nobody's involved in any white supremacist group, nobody is any gang member or none of that crap," said Edwards.

Both said they feel they haven't had a real opportunity to speak to authorities or have their side of the story heard. Edwards said investigators working on the case have yet to question him, and he said he's ready to speak up and tell his side.

"I want to tell them the story, the truth," said Edwards. "Tell them to come down here and talk to me and find out the real truth about this s***."