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WARNING: Playground equipment can be dangerous on hot days

Equipment can reach up to 120 degrees
Posted at 7:41 AM, Jun 14, 2022

As we head into an extreme heat wave in the Tri-State, it is important to highlight the fact that playground equipment can heat to dangerously high temperatures on hot days, posing a burn risk for kids.

“With the direct sunlight, that equipment has a chance to get well over 100 degrees, probably in the 110 to 120 range, especially exposed to direct sunlight,” said Chuck Dietz, Assistant Chief at the Crescent Springs/Villa Hills Fire Department.

Dietz warned those temperatures can cause burns. He said kids can also get hurt if they let go of hot equipment and fall off it.

“It's occasionally, especially if the parents, you know, maybe turn their back and the kid runs over, child runs over and jumps on something that they shouldn't have,” he said.

He advised parents to lightly touch the equipment to check its temperature before letting kids play. He recommended using the back of your hand to do it, as it can be a natural reflex to grab things when using the front of your hand.

It’s not just playground equipment that poses a risk. Dietz said metal, hard plastic, steel, aluminum and other surfaces can reach dangerous temperatures too.

Be careful around bus stop benches, and when using railings or seats at sports games, for example.

If you get burned, Mercy Health's chief clinical officer Dr. Stephen Feagins recommends running the injury under cold water. You can also use topical creams to help it heal. If the burn starts to blister, Dr. Feagins said to seek medical attention.

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