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Increased police patrols around Woodward High Monday after nearby shooting

Woodward Career Technical High School
Posted at 6:56 PM, Oct 05, 2021

Cincinnati Police Department increased patrols around Woodward Career Technical High School Tuesday, after someone shot a student as he left campus Monday.

Police have not pinpointed a shooter but said it happened one street away from the school. Investigators said someone shot the student in the arm and he ran back to safety in the school building.

School dismissal ended peacefully Tuesday.

Those who live nearby say the city’s gun violence impacting students so close to campus has led them to think deeper about the issue.

“Absolutely,” said Dr. Abbie Youkilis, MD. “You know, gun violence really knows no boundaries.”

Youkilis is a physician concerned about student health.

Her niece, Jaime Guttenberg, was one of 17 killed in a school massacre in Florida. So she honed in once she heard sirens outside the school hear her home Monday afternoon. She was relieved this case was isolated outside of school and did not prove fatal.

However, she said, it solidifies her stance that top lawmakers need to revisit some laws.

“We must demand more from our legislators to require safe storage laws, for example, and that would go a very long way in reducing the violence for children,” said Youkilis.