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How much snow fell where you live?

Roads are snow covered across the Tri-State
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Posted at 6:11 AM, Jan 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-20 09:38:25-05

Snowfall came down at impressive rates overnight. But due to high winds, measuring this latest round of snow might be a bit more challenging this weekend. Several areas have declared a Snow Emergency today.

With 6.5" of snow from this event, CVG now has recorded 14.2 inches of snow so far this month. This puts January 2019 as the 10th snowiest on record.

If you would like to submit a snow measurement, please try to find a side of your house shielded from the wind. Measure at least three locations and average out those measurements. You can send them to Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark:

NWS Totals:
6.5" CVG
6.0" Liberty Township
5.3" Walton
5.2" Wyoming
5.0" Batesville
5.0" Covington
5.0" Finneytown
4.5" Liberty
4.0" Bright
4.0" Cheviot
4.0" Mack South
3.7" Maineville
3.5" Amelia
3.5" Middletown
3.5" Silverton
3.5" White Oak
3.4" Aurora
3.4" Sharonville
3.4" Wilmington
3.2" Fayetteville
3.0" Cherry Grove
3.0" Colerain Township
3.0" Crittenden
3.0" Genntown
3.0" Kings Mills
2.7" Sherwood
2.5" Georgetown
2.0" Alexandria
2.0" Maustown
2.0" Union
2.0" West Union
1.5" Glencoe