Colerain Township Quick Response Team gets grant to expand reach

WCPO Reporter Jay Warren rode with the Colerain Township Quick Response Team on Wednesday.

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OHIO - Forty police agencies in Ohio will receive some much needed cash to help fight the opioid epidemic.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine gave $3 million to agencies with quick response teams -  also known as drug abuse response teams - and one of those is Colerain Township.

Colerain plans to use the $50,000 it gets over the next two years to work its quick response team an extra day during the week.

Up to now, the team has worked one day a week - usually  Wednesdays – to make contact with those struggling with addiction

"We go up and follow up on anyone in Colerain Township that has been revived with NARCAN following an overdose," said Nan Frank, CEO of the Addiction Services Council.

Driven by Officer Ashley Meyer, Nan Franks and a peer counselor who is currently in recovery make sure that those who've been revived know where to get help.

"That was the sole purpose of this grant -  to put more time into this effort that's proven to be successful,” said Dan Meloy, the township administrator.

"The goal is that we can expand our team, our operations. Whether it be one day a week or more days a week, it allows us to think differently and better respond to the problems we've identified during the last several years."

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